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B Is For Brazil (world Alphabets)

Reviews 4 stars

The author is Maria de Fatimo Campos and it was published in August of 2004 by Frances Lincoln Children's Books. The children's book is 32 pages long. - Book
Amazon, Explore The World, Brazil, Rain
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1,2,3 Suddenly In Brazil: The Ribbons Of Bonfim (1, 2, 3 Suddenly In. Series)

Reviews 4 stars

One, Two, Three Suddenly In Brazil, the ribbons of Bonfim is a must own book. The author is Cristina Falcon Maldonado and it was published in March of 2011 by Barron's Educational Series. The paperback book is intended for ages 72 months+ and is about Travel and it is deemed a very good fiction. This version is the 1st ed. of 1, 2, 3 Suddenly In Brazil: The Ribbons, the ribbons of Bonfim has 36 pages and it is stuffed with colorfully illustrated pictures. The book accentuates Magic. It's dimensions are 9.37" Height x 0.23" Length x 9.37" Width. It weighs roughly 0.45 lbs. - Book
Suddenly, Ribbons, Martin's, Children's
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Brazil (countries And Cultures)

Reviews 4 stars

I need to reveal to you a great book called Brazil countries And Cultures. Written by Boraas / Tracey and the publisher is Capstone Press. This book was available sometime in 2006. The book has 64 pages. - Book
History, Explore The World, Geography
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Brazil (south America Today)

Reviews 4 stars

You need to read a copy of Brazil (south America Today) an excellent book. Written by Charles J. Shields and it was published on the 1st of September, 2007 by Mason Crest Publishers. The children's book is 64 pages long. - Book
South, Brazil, Children's Books, America
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Brazil In Colors (a+ Books)

Reviews 4 stars

I suggest you get a copy of Brazil In Colors a powerful child's book. The author is Ann Stalcup and it was published by A+ Books. It was available sometime in 2009. The children's book is 32 pages long and it has incredibly colored illustrations. The book is 10.16" Height x 0.31" Length x 9.25" Width. It has a weight of 0.8 lbs. - Book
Books, Geography & Cultures, Capstone
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Brazil (discovering Cultures)

Reviews 4 stars

Make sure you get a copy of Brazil (discovering Cultures) an awesome child's book by R. Raiser / Robert Reiser. Written by R. Raiser / Robert Reiser and the publisher is Marshall Cavendish Children's Books. It was released around October of 2002. When you're in the library you can certainly look it up using the DDC, F2508.5.R45 2003. The book has 48 pages and it contains a variety of artistically colored illustrations. - Book
Children's Books, Cultures, Discovering
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Amazon Adventures

Reviews 4 stars

The author is Banner Horace and the publisher is CF4K. It went on sale sometime in 2002. The book has 96 pages. The child's book dimensions are 8.07" Height x 0.39" Length x 5.24" Width. It has got a weight of 0.3 lbs. - Book
Amazon, Books, Children's Books, Second
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Brazil (countries)

Reviews 4 stars

Written by Kate A. Conley / Kate A. Furlong and it is published by Checkerboard Library. It was available sometime in 2001. The children's book has 40 pages and it has loads of fantastically colored illustrations. - Book
History, Brazil, Books, Children's Books
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Brazil (countries Around The World)

Reviews 4 stars

The author is Marion Morrison and the publisher is Heinemann. It was available on bookshelves sometime in August of 2011. The child's book has 48 pages. - Book
Complete, Children's Books, Around
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Cassio's Day: From Dawn To Dusk In A Brazilian Village (a Child's Day)

Reviews 4 stars

Shopping to buy a fantastic child's book? Check out Cassio's Day: From Dawn To Dusk In A Brazilian Village (a Child's Day) from the publisher Frances Lincoln Children's Books! The children's book has 32 pages. - Book
United States, Dawn, Child's, Geography
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Books, Childrens Books, Brazil, Geography Cultures

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