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Songs From A Journey With A Parrot: Lullabies And Nursery Rhymes From Portugal And Brazil (portuguese And English Edition)

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Songs From A Journey With A Parrot Lullabies

The Secret Mountain

Author: Magdeleine Lerasle / Paul Mindy

Should you be searching for a book I have come up with information. Get your hands on a copy of Songs From A Journey With A Parrot: Lullabies by Magdeleine Lerasle / Paul Mindy. The author is Magdeleine Lerasle / Paul Mindy and it was published sometime in 2013 by The Secret Mountain. The book has 52 pages, click the link below.

Sung in Portuguese, these 30 lullabies and nursery rhymes from Brazil and Portugal invites young children on an authentic musical journey exploring the sturdy cultural ties that bind the two countries. The lyrics are presented in Portuguese and translated into English, followed by notes on the origin and cultural context of each song. The accompanying CD features traditional songs that   blend samba, modinha, fandango, and bossa nova, and are   performed by a group of women, men, and kids. The use of several indigenous acoustic instruments   further tends to make this   an uplifting, enchanting production that captures the meeting of wealthy and diverse styles. Crossing the   Atlantic from Porto to Rio, this   musical collection   presents the wealthy typical heritage of songs about everyday life, work and play, and   courtship and love.


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