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Amazon Adventures

Consumer Rating 4 Stars
Amazon Adventures


Author: Banner Horace

Searching to buy a terrific book? You should read Amazon Adventures by Banner Horace! The author is Banner Horace and it was published sometime in 2002 by CF4K. The child's book is 96 pages long. We would like you to get the best price when acquiring a children's book for your children, please visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

The second book inside the series - following on from the best-selling ‘ Rainforest Adventures'Children are fascinated with all the natural world around them and with facts and specifics about animals that they have never seen. Written by someone who spent his life inside the Rainforest this book has the added benefit of being written by someone who has been there, lived there and experienced the culture … not just someone who has read the encyclopaedias. Each story has a Bible verse and lesson for the reader to take away. However, typically good nature programmes on T. V. or articles in magazines centre on evolution and completely ignore the Creator.


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